Personal 1:1 coaching programmes enabling people to flourish.

Developing managerial coaching skills to engender a culture of shared responsibility and accelerated personal development.

Helped me with some difficult decision making

“Working with Cat helped me with some difficult decision making. I got promoted and I may not have agreed to the new role without the increased confidence I’ve gained through the coaching experience. It has and will help me with that change and challenge.”

Creative Director, Retail

Taught me to raise my levels of confidence

“I have found your coaching, and our discussions very useful. I particularly find the techniques you’ve taught me to raise my levels of confidence and alertness helpful and I use them regularly.”

Director, Banking

Really benefitted the business I manage

“I have truly enjoyed my time with Cat, it has been fulfilling and has given me greater confidence and a more open outlook. For example, developing stakeholder relationships, which have in turn really benefitted the business I manage, and the projects I have been involved in. I have also been able to develop a strong team to enable me to stretch my responsibilities across other areas of the business. Thank you so much.”

Store Manager, Retail

Challenging but very worthwhile

“I have enjoyed working with Catrin immensely. From the outset she set out clear lines of confidentiality, which allowed us to work in a frame of absolute and open trust. The coaching sessions have been tough and challenging but very worthwhile.”

Senior Project Leader, Engineering

Huge thanks to you

“We are precisely where you said we would be at this point in the process; experiencing realistic behavioural changes, mindful that it is up to us to sustain those changes as we go forward. Huge thanks to you.”

Director, Retail

Positive and lasting the impact

“I’m often thinking about our coaching, and we haven’t worked together for a few years now.  I especially think about specific learnings that have changed how I approach my professional working relationships. It’s amazing how useful those have been and how positive and lasting the impact.”

Director, Hospitality

I have found my coaching invaluable

“I have found my coaching invaluable. It came at a time when I had been recently promoted, to a position that has had some fairly unique challenges and I genuinely don’t think I would have made the same progress without it. It gave me the perspective I needed, and allowed me the time to interrogate the core purpose of my new role. It also really boosted my confidence. I think the key benefit has been the integral role it has played in forming a productive relationship with my two line managers, meaning that the flow of information and collaboration between our two functions is notably improved.”

Creative Direction and Marketing, Retail

Lead and support teams through difficult times and pressurised projects

“Working with Cat has supported and guided me to scratch deep below the surface to explore me and my thought processes to gain a much deeper understanding of myself. Her endless patience and openness gave me the freedom to question and debate, whilst her exceptional insight and expertise helped guide me through challenging projects at work.

Throughout my collaborations with Cat, I am more aware of how to build stronger relationships at work, have learned ways to flex my communication skills for different people and understand how to lead and support teams through difficult times and pressurised projects. The skillset I’ve developed and continue to develop gives me huge confidence in being able to tackle any project or conflict in work and in my own personal life.”

Senior leader, Healthcare organisation

Learned things I didn’t expect to

“I’ve grudgingly enjoyed the coaching experience and learned things I didn’t expect to: that not everyone thinks like me, that I need to adapt my communication style and the questions I ask if I’m going to get what I need from people and help them develop, and that being more self-aware and adapting to others is a way more viable way of developing a team.”

Senior Leader, FMCG

I know the triggers…. and how to deal with them

“What Cat’s done for me is hear my emotional outbursts (without judgement) alongside my rational thoughts and helped me see how one connects with the other. The result has been that some working relationships and situations that have tended to cause me grief or irritation for a long time just don’t figure anymore cos I know how to deal them. I know the triggers that stimulate my emotion and I know how to deal with them.”

Creative Director, Retail

Getting to the real issues and helping me think them through

“Cat just has this uncanny knack of getting to the real issues and helping me think them through constructively, even when it’s really challenging to face them. I’m not sure how she does it, but it’s so useful.”

Finance Director, Healthcare